CEVING s.r.o.
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Ceving s.r.o., established in 1996, is focused on technical and commercial activities (construction, design, deliveries, engineering) in mechanical engineering, predominantly in the area of mineral resource processing and production of construction materials. The company is primarily specialized in solutions of diminution problems (grinding, milling), separation (mechanical, air-flow), drying and transport of grained and powder materials.In its activity Ceving s.r.o. uses long professional experience of its specialists, acquired in processing numerous orders of both domestic and foreign customers. Our specialists help solve specific customer requirements such as the concept design, followed by the elaboration of technical documentation, continued by the manufacture, assembly and putting into operation.

Ceving s.r.o. develops, manufactures and delivers complete technologic lines as well as individual machines for processing and manufacture of ground and milled limestone, gravel and sand, lime, lime hydrate, cement, plaster mixtures, ceramic clay, feldspar and other raw materials and products, used in the dressing and finishing industry. The production program includes modern and highly efficient machines and equipment, developed and designed based on the long experience and pilot tests. Apart from the deliveries of machines from the standard production program, Ceving s.r.o. can also offer atypical solutions, meeting special customer requirements. A very important area of the company activity is the reconstruction of old plants, which is very economical for the end users.

The prime target of the activity of Ceving s.r.o. is to reach the satisfaction of their customers by means of its deliveries of technology and machinery, which will ensure effective fulfilment of the customer specific requirements for the modern technical solutions with low demands for the investments, energy and operation, while the top quality of the final product is assured.

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