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Dryer f 3x18 m exchange sealing slug drum dryer 1998 develoment, design, delivery, assembly
Inlet piping of hot waste gas slug dryer 1999 develoment, design, delivery, assembly
Combustion chambers of municipal refuse refuse incinerating plant 1999 develoment, design
Study of ash drying line slug dryer 2001 project study, proposals technologic, modification
cement kiln f 4100 brush ring, pulley, pins, shell cement plant 2002 design, delivery
Study slag dryer plant slug dryer plant 2002 project study, technologic, modification
Grease lubrication for drives rotary kiln burning pigments 2003 develoment, design, delivery, assembly
Dust off dryer slug dryer plant 2004 project study, delivery
Drive for dryer gear ring, pinion limstone grinding plant 2004 delivery
Dryer f 3,6m brush ring wood dryer plant 2006 develoment, design,
Soap flakes dryer line soap production 2006 vývoj, konstrukce, delivery
Dryer f 3000 x 540 shell cement plant 2007 delivery
Rotary kiln f 3020 x 4000 shell cement plant 2008 delivery
Drum dryer sealing cone, sealing cement plant 2008 delivery
Dryer f 3600 brush ring wood dryer plant 2009 renowal, delivery, assembly
Spare parts for rotary kilns, dryers grinding plants, heating plants, incinerating plants cont. design, delivery, assembly
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